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Guitar Business Radio is a podcast from a different direction created, produced and hosted by Jeffrey D Brown (Guitar Business Media). GBR brings the Business of Guitar from all angles to a broad audience demographic that includes guitar builders and CEOs to entrepreneurs and players. 

Apr 1, 2018

In our eighth episode we talk at length with the founder of Santa Cruz Guitar Company, Richard Hoover. After more than 40 years, this boutique builder produces between 400 and 500 guitars a year. We find out how and why. Also in E8, we debut our Supporting Roles segment and premier a highly anticipated new feature called, The Shorts. In The Value Shot, we delve deeper into the dark underworld of Competitive Criticism.

Highlights of the podcast include:

  • 00:40 Setting the Stage
  • 02:35 Supporting Roles
  • 03:40 The Shorts
  • 05:45 Richard Hoover/Santa Cruz Guitar Company
  • 30:10 The Value Shot/Competitive Criticism

Thanks for listening and we look forward to hearing from you!