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Guitar Business Radio is a podcast from a different direction created, produced and hosted by Jeffrey D Brown (Guitar Business Media). GBR brings the Business of Guitar from all angles to a broad audience demographic that includes guitar builders and CEOs to entrepreneurs and players. 

Mar 25, 2018

Our seventh episode includes a illuminating interview with Bill Conklin of Conklin Guitars. Over nearly 35 years, he has developed a reputation as both a pioneer and an innovative builder of extended range and multi-scale instruments among others. We answer questions and post a new one in Questionable Moments. In The Value Shot, we look at, among other things, Constructive Criticism (it's not what you think).

Highlights of the podcast include:

  • 00:40 Setting the Stage
  • 05:40 Questionable Moments
  • 08:40 Bill Conklin/Conklin Guitars & Basses
  • 37:25 The Value Shot/Constructive Criticism

Thanks for listening and we look forward to hearing from you!